Game Menu

hi there,

i have started a game project . This one is my first game in AS3.
i have used the tutorial from The tutorial is named as
AS3 flash games for beginners…here’s the link .

Note: I have followed the above tutorial only up to “Using frame label and art tween” that’s because i m not able to understand its UI tutorial
(last one).

In my game i have the document class called
inside the Engine i have all the code of the game.
now what i want to do is to create a menu movieclip and and add a play button to it so that i can play the game. I want to be my document class.( Or should i keep my as my document class?)
whatever i m very confused , i just want a menu in my game…
[SIZE=2]how to do that? how do i call the from the menu so that i can run the game .[/SIZE]

Plz hel me with this i m really confused:h:!!! thanks…

[SIZE=2]Note : I have not used time line for my game .[/SIZE][SIZE=2]