Game Physics Help

I’m working on a game for my daughter and I could use some help with the physics.

The basic idea is that I have a balloon object and when it pops, I want a power-up object (new Movie Clip) to be dynamically created and to drop. I want it to go in a random direction, at a random velocity (within defined limits), to simulate gravity while falling in a nice arc, bounce only once on the ground and then arc off the stage. Obviously this is a fairly complex function that could be broken into smaller chunks.

I know how to attach a new movie clip when my balloon pops, but my math skills are terrible so I don’t even know where to start on the physics for the motion. I also am not sure how to handle the onEnterFrame function for the dynamically created clip so that it moves once created.

The ActionScript is Object Oriented and I’m using Flash MX. I would be happy to email the .fla to anyone willing to help.