Game: Side scroller help


Im new here. I’ve learnt quite few of flash already, but not enough to complete something i want. I have this project due in at college when i get back and in it must include a flash game. The flash game Im trying to make is a side scroller. My trouble is the stage (not the flash ‘stage’, the actual game stage.)
Im having trouble getting the character and the ground to interact properly. eg.
-character does not go through the floor
-character stays at the same spot on the floor while floor is moving.

The character itself has a simple gravity actionscript code on it, and is move-able (a=left s=right). Jump = w but that isnt working properly yet.
I’ve tried putting hitTest but i cant seem to get it working properly.
I’ve searched around google and this forum and I cant seem to find something I can understand or work with.

can someone please help me out here? my head hurts…

i’ll try and attach the fla. Codes in it may be a bit unorthodox.