Games play faster on pc than on Mac

I’ve been creating these games at my job. We design and market slot machines to Indian casinos and we’ve begun to put playable Flash versions on our website. After a lot of trial and error we’ve been able to get the playing speed close to the real thing ( some of these play snappier than others) but in general I find they play way better on a pc than on a Mac.

At work I do my creating on a 1.5Ghz Dell Precision 330 and how they play on that machine has been my benchmark. I’m a Mac guy at home. I’ve got a 400Mhz G4 and when I look at the games there, it can be disheartening!

This hasn’t been an issue til now. One of our salesmen in OK happens to have a Mac laptop and wants to show the Flash games to prospects, so now it’s an issue.

Any suggestions or ideas about getting the animations to play faster, both on the Mac or in general? Also, any info on why the platform difference would be appreciated.