*gasp* Flash hater!


I can’t believe he’s still around. He has no argument at all. He just likes the sound of his own voice

This guy is a retard :slight_smile: I think he is kinda old fashioned… anyway, I don’t like selfish people

My personal goal is to be the world’s number one usability expert.

Bumb Bumb Bumb… =)

I got to admit he makes a few good points, but also a few good mistakes.

I still think Nielsen would be a good person for us to interview about Flash (although I get the feeling he’d charge for the privelege).

He’s very opinionated, from what I’ve read. But he does have some valid issues, especially with the old ‘mystery meat’ navigation…

just a few observations…

The “Make text bigger/smaller” button does not work. Users are thus forced to read text in the designer-specified font size, which is almost always too small since designers tend to have excellent vision.

hahaha. ok. designers have excellent vision? ok, i dunno about you guys, but each moment i spend at the puter is adding to the further deterioration of my eyesight… by the time i’m 40, i will be lucky if i can see at all

If something is unusable to even one person, then it ‘does’ have usability problems and is not the perfect design.

well if that one person is a self absorbed jackasshead, then i think we, as designers, need not worry about it too much.

How can designers create attractive interesting sites, and still expect everyone to see them the way they intend them to be seen if different browsers, after all this time, and talk of standardisation, STILL render HTML pages differently?

You cannot. All you can do is to optimise for the most common cases and then make
sure that the design is still reasonably good for all the other cases. Perfection under all circumstances is impossible.

well then, i see you just contradicted your last statement, in which he was whining about how even if one user can not use it properly then it is a bad and unuseable site… and now you admit that it is not possible to provide perfet useability.

Still, two years ago the Flash community did emphasise fluffy design and was not very interested in designing useful tools to support real user needs. I believe this has changed now, partly because I sounded the wake-up call that made many companies reluctant to degrade their user experience.

what a bastard. first he knocks flash, and then he says it has improved, but has to attribute it partially to himself. i think i’m going to barf.

~~he makes some good points in his last articles, but i think he is at this point saveing face, because a lot of those issues have been overcome. there is a lot of crappy flash online, just as there is crappy html and everything else. unfortunately flash is not responsible for the people who abuse it, and i dont think that flash should get a bad rep because the poopy designers don’t know what they are doing. ahh, but that’s the way the world works…