GD Library resize image Fatal error not enough memory HEEEELP!

okay guys, this is an emergency! if someone could help me on this one, it would be awesome!!

so, my problem is that I upload images to the webserver via a html form, and before the images are saved, they are resized to the width 410. so far so good.

but! if I add large resolution images, like 1600x1200 px, I get a fatal error saying that there’s not enough memory, but it works for images that are 640x480 pixels. I checked how much memory I have allocated on my webserver account, and it’s 8mb.

I have been thinking: if I could use the already uploaded image $_FILES[‘image’][‘tmp_name’] that (I think) already is allocated in the servers memory, I wouldn’t have to use the function imageCreateFromJPEG($tmp_file);

but how am I supposed to achieve that??

here’s the code:

$file = $_FILES['image']['name']; 
$tmp_file = $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'];
$ext = strstr($file,"."); 
$ext = strtolower($ext);
if($ext != ".jpg" && $ext != ".jpeg") { 
	echo("You can only upload JPEG files."); 
} else { 
	$t_wd = 410;
	$o_im = imageCreateFromJPEG($tmp_file);
	$t_ht = round($o_ht * $t_wd / $o_wd); 

	$t_im = imageCreateTrueColor($t_wd,$t_ht);
	#imageCopyResized($t_im, $o_im, 0, 0, 0, 0, $t_wd, $t_ht, $o_wd, $o_ht);

Thank you so much in advance!