My friend has posted some of her pics on geocities and I was wondering if I could download them in any way. I don’t see any button where it would let me know download the files. Is there any way I can do that. Thanks.

‘her’ pics ? you naughty people

you’ve gotta know the filename or the name of the directory and hope there’s no index.html in that directory, otherwise you won’t be able to see it

then type that directory up: for example you see my footer, if you look at the source you’ll see or something like that- well try taking off the ‘footer.swf’ and you’ll see my directory (no funny stuff in it =))

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**‘her’ pics ? you naughty people

:slight_smile: There’s nothing inappropriate in the pics.

Anyways, I can see the picture files but there is index.htm file, do you think I should delete the file.

i hope i got you right, she uploaded them on a website and you can modify this website too ?

you mean you have access to delete the files ? well just download them on your comp then ?

I do have the access to the website since we created the site together. But I can’t seem to find a button that will let me download. Some file are PSD files so how will I go about downloading them. That’s the whole problem.

what FTP prog do you have ?

what’s the site’s address and the PSD’s names?

yeah, rather, you’re right ahmed- =)

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

who’s - -? :P:P


LOL! =)

what where you saying ahmed :trout: :wink:

Never mind. I figured it out.