Get name of jpg inside mc?

Okay the subject line was ambiguous but hopefully this description is not! :slight_smile:

I have a bunch of buttons. When you click on a button it dynamically loads a jpg into a holder movie clip. I have a button next to the holder movie clip that says “enlarge photo”. I would like the user to be able to click on the enlarge photo button and have whatever image happens to be in the small viewer at the time load into a larger viewer. Obviously I would be loading a different sized image but what I want to know is - how can I grab the name of the photo that was loaded into the small viewer when one button was pressed so that I can load the corresponding larger photo when the enlarge button is pressed? Should I store the name in a variable at the time the particular photo button is pressed and then pass that variable when the enlarge photo button is pressed?

Does this make any sense? :huh:

Thanks for any help!