Get the object name of a mc

I do the following:

  1. I place a mc on the scene
  2. I DO NOT give it a instance name
    would it be possible to read of the name of the mc object?
    I mean if you look in the flash IDE, you see that it says…
    instance of: object name…

BTW: I know I can get the instance name, if I set it. I’m just wondering, if one could read of the “instance of: object name”

here are the code that just goes through the objects on the scene:

movieclipsMatrise = new Array();
			var childMovieClip:DisplayObject;
			var i:int = this.numChildren;
			while(i--) {
			 	childMovieClip = this.getChildAt(i);
				if (childMovieClip is MovieClip){
				 //do sime check on what the object name is