getBytesLoaded / Total issues

hello all. been a while since i posted, but im stumped.

basic summary of the project:

a small, web-based scenario game where you have to pick a character to match a scenario. There is a shell, and two component files.

the problem:

i’m loading the files in using ‘loadMovie’, and using their ‘getBytesTotal’ and ‘getBytesLoaded’ values to preload them both at the same time, with the same loader bar, basing the bars xscale on a perecent im calculating. no big problem. when i run the file in flash, it all works fine. the clips are coded to be stopped while both are loading, and once loading is complete, to play them. again, this works without a hitch in the flash environment.

when i upload to my webspace to test it, however, things **** up. the files still preload just fine…in the sense that they dont play until loaded, and then both play at the same time. what isnt working is the loading bar. the text field i’m passing the values to:

this.textField.text = “loading” + Percent + “%”;

is showing this:

loading NaN%

again, im confused b.c it works fine in flash. i really cant show the source files…confidentiality…but im wondering if anyone has had this issue before and off the top of their heads knows what to do. i can post some source code if needed.

thanks guys…im racking my brain here…