getDate with text and color


i have several problems with my flashpage, and since it’s my first page, a help would be most appreciated.

this is it:

  1. I have a textbox beneath “Misao” on first frame. The text is being loaded dynamically with getDate. The problem is that when first frame is being loaded first time, the text displays just fine. But when returning on first frame (Pocetna stranica button on menu), text won’t display. It should load the same text since it’s still same date, right?.. But… it won’t. Here is the code:

myDate = new Date();
date = myDate.getDate();
month =[“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”, “9”, “10”, “11”, “12”];
year = myDate.getFullYear();
file = month[myDate.getMonth()]+"-"+date+"-"+year+".txt";

myVars = new LoadVars();
myVars.onLoad = function () {
misao.htmlText = this.misao;

  1. I’d like colors to change according to getDate and variables I define. In other words, I’d like to have red graphics/text 2 days, then green for 1 day, etc. The colors woudn’t change according to pattern. please, can you send me the code for that, if possible?

  2. I have drop-down menu. Outside button and it’s drop-down, there is an object(1) which onRollover returns drop-down movie to frame 1, i.e. initial state. The problem is when I drag mouse over buttons real quick, drop-downs won’t close. I figured that it’s because my pointer moves from one button to another within frame, so before object(1) triggers back to initial state, another movie begins to play. My flash has 25fps.

  3. One last thing. Thank you very much for your quick replies