getHour...etc. AND scroll component failure

I know I have asked this 3 times at least but I still haven’t figured it out even after posting on were-here too. I need a way to automatically update my external .txt files without using that random number bullshit that realoads everything or that text query string. I can’t understand the time/ getDate/getHour. etc etc.

now = new Date();
today = now.getDay();
days = [“sun”, “mon”, “tue”, “wed”, “thu”, “fri”, “sat”];

that is my code. I would wish to minus the ?rnd="+random ■■■■.
And another thing is I cannot get the scrollbar component to work within a my movie clip. I put the right instance names and that stuff. master suprabeener. and other gods please help a poor white boy.

Hey Brian…

In order to help you, can you please explain what you’re actually trying to achieve?

Are you looking to use a different text file every day?

what are your text files called?

If you could please explain what you’re hoping to do, it would help. Thanks.

:rambo: how can I get a textbox to load external.txt files and use the scrollbar component that will be updated daily?

you could do it by using a date function and then naming your text file according to the corresponding date.

use your getDate() with loadvariables

that way, when you load variables you would load something like

loadvariables(todaysdate + “.txt”, “GET”) or something like that.

Did that make sense to you? Let me know if I can be of further assistance.