Getter/setter in java vs as3

Hi folks.

I did a quick search in the forums on this but didn’t find any clue to my specific question. I come from the as3 background. I use the getter/setter paradigm in as3 quite frequently and do so in the following manner:

//pardon my psuedo code

//in some class called SomeClass
private var nameString:String = "";
public function get name ():String { return nameString; }
public function set name (value:String):void { this.nameString = value; }

//in some place where SomeClass is instantiated
var instance:SomeClass = new SomeClass(); = "some string"; 

 //note that I am not doing something like setName or getName

In Java I have seen getter/setters done like so:

private String nameString = ""';
public void setName (value:String) { this.nameString = value; }
public String getName () { return this.nameString; }

But can you do getter/setters in a similar fashion to as3 where you use key words like get and set before the actual method name? Like so:

private String nameString = ""';
public void set Name (value:String) { this.nameString = value; }
public String get Name () { return this.nameString; }