Getter/Setters or Public Methods?

When you all write your classes, and you want to expose certain elements of your class to outside parties etc. Do you generally use getter/setters or public functions?

To me a getter/setter is for adjusting a property of your class where as a method is more for say adjusting its behaviour state. For instance, a method called that plays a video file makes more sense than say a setter = true.

But then, in some cases the distinction is less defined. For instance, changing the volume of something, volume is a property, and seems to fit with a getter/setter pair well: classInstance.volume = .1 as opposed to classInstance.volume(.1).

I guess its a matter of style, but are there any ‘hard and fast’ rules about when to use a getter/setter verses when to use a public method?

(I realise that getters/setters are also public)

It’s not like AS2, so, whenever I can, I try to use public variables - less code to write =) Meaning, I use get/set only in these cases: I need only get, without set; I need to make some calculation before assigning final value (like rounding it or, making calculations more precise / avoid irrational values, like setting bitmap size to < 1 || > 2280 etc; or if I need some sort of notification, when property is reset.