I’m doing a Flash piece for my class. The interface is an elevator keypad and each floor is a different Photoshop pic with music playing (also each floor = different scene).

It’s going to be an installation piece in a gallery so my teacher wants it to reset back to the elevator keypad (scene 1) in case anyone leaves it on, say Floor 2, for x amount of time.

He said I should program a movie clip timer on each floor so after like 4 minutes it will just go back to the elevator scene (scene 1). How do I do that? I looked up a getTimer tutorial online, but it just has something that duplicated a movie clip until it reaches 20 of them then stops. I just need it to stay on scene 2 for 4 minutes then start back at scene 1.

Oh yeah, here’s the code that duplicates the clip until it reaches 20.

Movie Clips: “Engine” (no instance name) ; “Face” (instance name “clip”)

"Engine" Actions:
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.delay) {
if (Math.floor(getTimer()/1000) == _root.lastTime+1) {
_root.delay = false;
} else if (Math.floor(getTimer()/1000) == _root.lastTime+_root.wait) {
_root.lastTime = Math.floor(getTimer()/1000);
_root.delay = true;
// custom actions begin
_root.count = _root.count+1;
if (_root.count <= 20) {
duplicateMovieClip("_root.clip", “clip”+_root.count, _root.count);
_root[“clip”+_root.count]._x = random(350)+50;
_root[“clip”+_root.count]._y = random(350)+50;
// custom actions end

Frame 1 Actions:
_root.wait = 2;

Thanks in advance.