Getting a car painted...? General Questions

Hello all!

Ok, so I’ve got a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T and have decided that I’d like to get it painted.

Are there any resources online I could look at to decide on what to do - or to get pricing from…has anyone else ever got their car painted? If so, have you gone to a normal place such as Maaco or some local guy? I’d like to go to a local, but I was just wondering on general pricing that it would cost to get a complete body paint done with a nice gloss coat … and I’d also like to know general options that are available such as color blending, graphics etc.

(the reason for all this is that I just put a Tier 3 turbo from Hahn Racecraft into my car - so now I’d like to punch it up a notch and show it off with a nice paint job … my car is a sleeper so the only thing that is really noticeable is the intercooler … other than that I don’t think you’d ever know what I had under the hood)

Thanks for any advice/tips/suggestions/comments etc.!

Boon. :thumb: