Getting initials from TextInput

Happy new 2004 everyone! :red:

This is what I’m trying to do:

When a person writes his/hers name in a textinput, I want to have a script in the “on (focusOut)” that selects the initials of the person and puts them in the variable “initials”.

Is it do-able? Let’s say the person is called “John Doe”. Then the value of “initials” would be “JD”.
It must also work on names like “John von Doe” (the initials would still be JD and not JvD).

I appreciate any help on this one…

//Kalliban :beer:

what if someone puts “John Jeez I have a long name Doe”? Still JD? Just the first and last words? (of course you could then run into confusion with things like JR and SR)