Getting max and min values in a bubblechart

Hi all,

I’m trying to add in navigation to a bubble chart! I’ve created a mouse scroller zoom function based on an example I found at


Basically it works by getting the both the x and y axis’s max and min values using cartesian transformations similar to below

*[SIZE=2][COLOR=#009900]hAxis = LinearAxis(CartesianTransform(dataTransform).getAxis(CartesianTransform.HORIZONTAL_AXIS));
It then performs a calculation depending on where the mouse is on the chart to work out what to reset the max and min values to!

I have a similar pan function on the mouse which the user can turn on or off allowing them to pan around the chart!

What I’m trying to do now is create a navigation panel, similar to the one used on google maps, where when the user clicks on the left arrow the screen pans to the left, click on the up button the screen pans up, etc and also has a slider zoom and zoom in and out buttons! I’ve created the navigation panel but am having problems adding functionality to it! I’m attempting to get the x and y axis max and min values similar to above

*[SIZE=2][COLOR=#009900]hAxis = LinearAxis(CartesianTransform(dataTransform).getAxis(CartesianTransform.HORIZONTAL_AXIS));
but am getting back a null error! What I think is happening is that it cannot find the linear axis of the bubble chart as the nav panel is a seperate component?! I don’t really have any idea how to get around this so was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could get this working? Or because this solution is based on max and min values does anyone have any ideas how else I could get the max and mins of the bubblechart?! Where the cartesian transformations were important when the pan and zoom were based on mouse positions I don’t think they’re needed for the nav panel as this’ll be going from the center of the chart?! Don’t really know how else to work it though!

Any help really would be greatly appreciated as this is starting to drive me a bit mental!! Thanks in advance,