Getting sub-clips in main clip to work interdependantly

I have a movie clip sequence in which several sub-clips need to work together. Two crabs are throwing a disc back and forth. My actionscript is in the root movie clip’s timeline, directed to the frame events within the sub-clips.

Example: a frame label in crab1 calls the movie clip FNGB to play in its own timeline. A frame label in the FNGB timeline calls the crab2 movie clip to play in its timeline to “catch” the disc. Each sub-clip in the root clip is dependant on the timing of the other.

The results of my efforts have been:

The clips respond improperly to the actionscript commands. The disc starts too soon.

The crab clip runs its timeline but the FNGB freezes on the third frame of its timeline, where there are no keyframes present.

I have provided a screenshot. I cannot make the FLA file small enough to send right now.

Hope that this makes sense.