Getting XML info to populate text boxes in MCs. PLZ Help!

don’t know if i should have put this in an ActionScript forum or not… but here goes…

ok say i created an mc that contains 2 dynamic text boxes. the text boxes instance names (or variable names if that’s easier to do) are news and Date. The mc is NOT on the the stage, it’s in the library with the linkage name “clip”.

Now what i want to do, is attach a series of these mc’s at runtime according to how many “nodes” (sections between the <topic> tags) are contained in my XML file… which i would am guessing i would set up something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<DATE>October 12, 2005</DATE>
<TEXT> This would be some sort of pertinent information about god knows what</TEXT>

<DATE>October 11, 2005</DATE>
<TEXT> This would be more useless information, but you get the point...</TEXT>


I just can’t figure out how to get the data from the XML file into the text boxes. That is the AS i need help writing…

i know i could do it with a regular array (well, i don’t know that I could do it… but i know it can be done) I just don’t want to have to edit the FLA every time there is a new addition or change in the “news” information.

Is that clear?..

Oh yea… also wanted to ask, i keep seeing in XML files that people put in these <br/> tags… or something like that. but as long as i can remember… html “break” tags were just <BR> right? What’s the difference?

thanks for all your help and patience in advance. It’s greatly appreciated!