getURL after clicking dynamic text

Hello guys,

Is it possible to open a url after clicking dynamic text? I have some fields which I filled from XML, now I would like to add url to them (for they worked like a link), but somehow I can’t. Or is the only possibility to “cover them” with MCs which will get onRelease?
So if I have a node like:

<node description="Should be a link" url=" />

And now I fill the dynamic textfield like:

mytext_txt.text = ....childNodes*.attributes.description;

… how can I add the url to it in the easiest way?

Thanks a lot!


dudes… use CSS. Attach a css stylesheet to the textField. It works like a charm and makes things a lot easier to change and customize.

well in the case of underlining a clicked link, you still need to use a function to replace the CSS ‘value’ for the piece of text… So you’d still need a function, in our case CSS is no miracle, dude.

So, if basically you wanted to click on a text button and have it open a browser window, the code is as follows(if anyone hasn’t told you yet)

on (release) {getURL(“”);