getURL in Flash not working in Firefox


I know this problem has been posted on the forums but I cant seem to find a solution to the exact problem im having. Im using Flash 8 and Flash Player in both internet explorer and Firefox. When I use the getURL method with “_blank” it will not do anything in Firefox.

I think the main problem is that within Flash Player 9 the getURL command doesn’t let you use “_blank” anymore I believe as a way of stopping pop-ups but for some reason it will still work in IE (maybe it is a pop-up issue within Firefox but I do not get a message alerting me).

If I use " getURL(url, “_self”); " it will work online and offline in both Firefox and IE but I need it to open in a new tab/window. Either that or I will have to add a preview for each item on my portfolio within the swf.

Any ideas?