Ghost-Recon tonight! (Aislin)

HEY EVERYONE, im having a big ghost-recon match (FOR PC) tonight with my friends. if anyone wants to join, this is what this thread is for.
tell me ur opinions of GR and what the sn is for you so i can hook up later…

(btw, this will be in regular ghost recon lobby 1 with version and maybe island thunder and desert siege)

im on a mac so i cant (lets not start a mac / pc war)

uncle - will we ever become friends…

heheh, three different platforms. I play on xbox. Sorry bud, but I would’ve chose embassy.

mario, dont you know, everyone who has a hobbie of playing games are already friends… :slight_smile:
i have many gof friends who are nintendo gods, im ok with that.

lol - very true! (but i really knew that didnt i?)
mario cools down with water
uncle - no hard feelings

…I want to be friends too!!!

goes to buy PC version of Ghost Recon, needs a new video card, goes out buys it, needs more ram and a couple tools, goes out buys them, cries because he didn’t really buy, but stole, and the police are dragging him away

Hm. Yeah, that won’t work.

Too bad games aren’t cross-platform more often.

that would be great aislin…

ghost recon only needs a 32 mb video card, 28.8k modem, and 600 mgz cpu… :stuck_out_tongue:

well, I have whatever came standard in my junkass computer, and I’m running XP on 128 sd ram, so I have no doubt there will be a problem there.

My cpu is 1.2 ghz, though. yay. and my connection is cable, yeah baby.

yeah, i have xp pro, but you can go out and buy ghost recon game of the year edition for pc for $20 with the first explansion- desert siege, and island thunder( the other expansion) is $10 seperate


no, i do only on the Xbox…

I’m gonna be in Ghost Recon in real life. :cool: