Global stage reference problems when loading SWFs

Hi there, I have built an application using an animation class called Boostworthy from Ryan Taylor, it works great and has smooth animation and my published swf runs great.

My problem is that when I load this swf into another one it won’t run and I get the error:
//Renderer (WARNING) :: startEnterFrame :: Unable to add a listener to the enter frame event because a global stage reference does not exist.

The animation classes require that I add a global stage reference and I have added that in my main App class that is the document class in my animation swf like this:
import com.boostworthy.core.Global;
Global.stage = stage;[/AS]
This works fine when the swf runs on its own but when I load it into another movie I get the error mentioned above. I’ve tried setting this reference in different classes (my animation swf uses a number of classes) but no dice. I think that I might need to pass a reference to the stage from the top-level movie to the animation swf though I don’t know how to do this.
I have tried like this:
[AS]//code on top level movie
var myApp:App = new App(this);
//code inside App class (main class used for animation)
import com.boostworthy.core.Global;
public function App(mc:MovieClip){
Global.stage = mc.stage
but I get the same error message :frowning:
I’m really stuck with this and I need to solve it as I have a project on that requires me to load my swfs into others.
Any help really, really appreciated!
Thanks in advance,