Gonna See Don McLean Today!

Anyone here like Don McLean? Just thought I’d come on and brag that I’m going to see him later on today. Woo!
Breaks into song “Starry, starry niiiiiiight, paint your palette blue and gray…”

I dont think that I have ever heard of him…(I listen mostly to death/heavy metal, as you can see by my footer)

Ever heard the song ‘American Pie’?


He wrote that. He also wrote a bunch more really good songs.

have fun squire, he played in Glasgow too, but I needed money to go out and get pissed, so I couldn’t afford it.

awesome! you’re lucky… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can anyone guess how much it’s costing? In £s.

where do you live?

Northern Ireland in a large town called Banbridge. If you’ve seen ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ you might have heard of it. Any guesses as to the price yet?

I would say about 18 quid (unless it’s a trick and you got it free)

£6.50!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m back from the gig now and it was great.:hugegrin: :thumb: It was this Celtic music festival called Celtic Fusion and there was another great traditional Irish band on before Don McLean called Lunasa. Don played ‘American Pie’, ‘Starry Night’, ‘Crying’, ‘The Mountains Of Mourne’ (cos we were at the foot of the Mourne Mountains) and a whole bunch more excellent songs.:whistle: :party: I’d recommend everyone to go see him if he’s playing near you.:thumb: