Good downloads!

Check out htis site:

Nice, clean design, and some nice stuff to download for all’f ya (click 1st item: interactive…)

The flash is not working…
It just gets stuck with that bej screen (did I spell it right? I mean like yellow-grey)…

You got Flash 6 plug-in? Don’t know if it 's necessary, worked for me!?
btw, downloads do not contain the flas, don’t bother :wink:

Pretty neat link, Eyez. Some very coof things here, but some of them I cannot understand (what we’re supposed to do, I mean…). A little bit like… Amazing, but abstract.

pom 0]

Nice clean, sterile look. Like an operating room, but nicer.


Yes, I have Flash Player 6 plug-in… Does this have anything to do with that it doesn’t work for me?