Good Math-Related Flash book, PHP-related, and for CMS

[COLOR=Red]1[/COLOR]. Hi could anyone suggest any good Flash [COLOR=Red]book with Math/Physics applications[/COLOR] aside from this: Or is that any good? Coz i heard it only shows source codes and that’s it…?

[COLOR=Red]2[/COLOR]. I usually feel confused and uncertain whenever i want to do a modular style of coding and avoiding much animations ran by tweens instead of scripts. [COLOR=Red]Kindly think of[/COLOR]. I wanted to create sites with such system, and I’d assume majority of each site they create are script-driven. I get trouble not knowing EXACTLY WHEN AND WHERE to put preloader scripts and sequential movements in scripting, would you suggest any [COLOR=Red]book regarding making systemic / organized sites[/COLOR]?

[COLOR=Red]3[/COLOR]. Recommendations for a good PHP book both for novice and advanced users?

[COLOR=Red]4[/COLOR]. Suggestions on books [COLOR=Red]about content management[/COLOR] using either Flash or PHP? Please help :frowning:
I appreciate any response from you guys thanks a lot.


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