Good Stock Broker

I have about $600 that I’ve been keeping in locked safes and the bank for a while, and I decided I might have to move that money into stocks.

There are quite a few Chinese Banks and Oil comapnies I’m interested in, and I want to invest in AMD, Intel, and Adobe. I also want to buy some stock of Delta Airlines. Their stock is doing horribly and they’re going bankrupt… But if the government bails them out, chaChing!

Here is my evil plan:

$100 Intel
$100 Adobe
$100 AMD
$100 Construction Bank of China
$100 China Light and Power
$50 Nvidia
$50 Delta

Good portfolio, eh?

But anyway, I want to find a stock broker that charges a percentage commision on stock purchases, rather than a flat fee, because I’m purchasing very few stocks. (Except for Delta, where I’ll be purchasing near 100, but that’s just cause their stock is dirt cheap).