Google api and web services

Hi all short time reader first time poster…

Today I have been trying to figure out how I could manipulate search technology to work with an application I have. At the moment I am just trying to keep it simple so just trying to get a simple google search application within a flash application working.

I first found which seemed just the thing I wanted and could maybe hack around what I wanted to do. However after building it myself and then trying the example they gave (at the bottom of the page) neither worked. I get an output of 'Error opening URL ‘’.

So I then stumbled across all this stuff about google accounts and having 1000 queries a day and such like which I all found very confusing and maybe the problem I am having? I have an account but I don’t really know what to do with it?

I think I am basically asking for an idiots guide to how I would do this, or perhaps someone can see an error in the way I am going about this?

I am also wanting to do a similar thing with a wikipedia search but have found nothing about this, any ideas?



-using flash cs3 on osx if that matters.