Google maps doesn't work in browser

Hello Everyone.
I have weird problem with google maps - most maps work pretty well, when tested in browser, or even online, but one, exactly the one from tutorial, works only in flash. When published in html, or tested online - it shows global world Map. No zoom. No directions. Just global world map.
I have my own API key and as I wrote, basic apps like “type in the adress of a location you’re looking for and I will put there a marker on a map” work like a charm - both in flash and online. Only the “show me how to get there” type of apps seem to have strange problems.
I’ve checked this in four browsers (opera, IE, FF, chrome) on windows, and in every one of them the same problem happens (or, more accurately, nothing happens - and that’s the problem).

In somebody wanted to take a look on my problematic map - here’s the file
Thanks in advance for any help