Got a friend

i want to send a link of my site through email. meaning that when the user clicks on the button, it will send it to a friend the link via email. does DW have a insert button to do that for me or do i need script. if so what is the script???

well you need a textbox that submits values to a server side script, which emails the person whom you’ve entered in the textbox, with a link to your site. what server side scripts does your server support?(ASP,PHP, etc)

just to let you know, I am a copy a paste kind of guy when it comes to scripting. i was hoping that dreamweaver has a easy insert button or something to that nature for me to use.

lol well i have tons of scripts, and so does kirupa. find out what your server allows and well figure it out. If your server allows ASP look at the thread that Allen started. All the info is in their. If not serach for jubba’s mail tutorial, that uses PHP

the server works with anything and everything. right its working the front desk.

ok good, so check out jubba’s tute and if you want to use asp, im in the process of writing the tute for someone else, ill just post for every one to see

For the copy and pasters out there… if you go to and surf to their Dreamweaver exchange area you can download an extension called Super Email. It will let you drop and drag a link onto your webpage that the visitor can use. It also lets you customize the Subject Line of the email.


really, cheap but cool :slight_smile:

what i dneed is a simple script so that i can send a email with link

this is an asp script which take values:

and sends them to an email

<% @language="VBSCRIPT" %> 

Dim myMail, myBody

myBody = "Name: "& request.form("name") & vbcrlf
myBody = myBody & "Email: "& request.form("email") & vbcrlf
myBody = myBody & "Website: "& request.form("website") & vbcrlf
myBody = myBody & "Message: "& vbcrlf & request.form("comments")

Set myMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

myMail.Subject="Flash MX Test Email"

set myMail=nothing


on the script that you have provided, do i need to customize it to my need or is this standard

as long as your using the variables i provided you can just use that