Got to nextFrame when video finishes

I have looked through the forums but can not find an answer to what I am sure is a simple question.

I have a video clip, saved as a .swf

I call the swf in a MovieClip with
This MovieClip is on frame 3 of the timeline and I do not want to progress to frame 4 until the video finishes (about 5 seconds).

I can not seem to work out how to do this.

Please give me some pointers as to where I may find the answer.


have you tried the very simple solution of just inserting as many keyframes as it takes until 5 secs are over between frame 3 and 4?

like this (gif screenie)

Put a stop action at frame three of your main timeline, and at the last frame of your video swf, place _root.gotoAndPlay(4) :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you.

I actually worked this out after hours of trial and error by putting the _root.gotoAndPlay(4) code in my movie swf.

Thanks for taking the time to help.

I thought I had this sorted but …

I have now progressed to frame 6 where I load another video clip in a .swf.

This also has the last frame with actionscript as follows

but when the movie plays and gets to frame 6, it does not show the video and goes straight to frame 7.

Please show me the error of my ways.


Are you sure there is a stop action at the 6th frame of the main timeline ?

absolutley positive, just went and removed and re-entered the stop(); code.

I am totally confused.

Because I used the _parent.gotoAndPlay line before, can I use it again?

I have even tried to play the same video clip swf in case this was the swf was at fault but that does the same, just goes to frame 7.

Any ideas?

Try using _root. If that doesn’t help, can I see your files ?

I have tried _root and still the same.

I am grateful for your help.

With the video swf it is too large to include


All sorted now.

The problem was related to another piece of code in the same frame, applied to another MovieClip, which moved the movie to the next frame before the video was loaded.

Thanks for helping

Glad you got it working :slight_smile: