Gothic text

I have some text but what file do I put it in for the whole computer to use it,

can you tell me how please

the text is trutype

Hey Flash,
Go to your Control Panel. Double click the Fonts icon. The Font Explorer will display with the icons for every font installed on your system. Go to File | Install New Font. Browse for that file and select the font. Press OK and all your applications should be able to access the fonts. You may have to restart your computer for some programs to recognize the new fonts.

Yes that helped thanks very much,

Ha…tha harder way iz to go into windows explorer

go to windows then tha fonts folder

go to File then Install new font


Best Font Manager I found so far is at ,
called Font Xplorer, it’s only $20, and the Lite version is even free! Let’s you install fonts, browse your drives, print char maps of each font, or example line for all of them…Great!!

Also, they have some cool freeware, check it out!