Goto +25?

I am wondering how you make your movie jump forward 25 frames from the particular frame you are on… im not really sure but I think it would be somtin like this:

gotoAndStop(“currentFrame” +25);

but im not really sure…


That is how it would look. May I ask why you would do that instead of counting out the frames? Just for simplicity on your side or is there another reason?

Ouh la la!! Use frame labels instead. It’s much easier and practical…

pom :asian:

Frame lables are much better. Although if you are stopping in the middle of a tween then the other method is the way to go.

Although stopping in the middle of a tween doesn’t seem to make sense. I might be overlooking a cool effect with this though.

Ohkay… What i really want is to have like a ballon that when you move the mouse over it blows up and when you move the mouse off it deflates… I had an idea for it but it didn’t really work… so some help please…??