gotoAndPlay issue

Heh…sorry for posting so much recently :emb: (but you guys are soooo helpful), but heres an issue i have:
[skip my story if you want too]
in my character, his hat changes color (amid other things), and i coded in the color, but the only way for it not to switch colors was to have the moving clip in the time line,
[end story]

so i have a

on (keyPress "<Right>") 
	this._xscale = 100;

so it works fine until it reaches the end of the 24 frame animation (2-25)
at the end of the animation, it jitters between two frames (probably 2/26), but when i let go of the right (or left) key, it animates perfectly. what should i do

Here’s what Iv’e tried:
[]On frame 26: gotoAndPlay(2);
]Changing the little drop down boxes from “Repeat” to “Loop” and “Stream” to “Start” I suspect that didn’t work because it is a two layer, with 4 total tweens animation.
[*]No code, no nothing on the last frame