gotoAndPlay next scene dilemma

have any of you guys experienced this problem?! here’s the deal, i’ve got me a multiple scene movie, i’ve assigned a button to proceed to scene 2 when clicked but when i’m clickin it, it just goes back to the present scene (scene 1)… i’m goin nuts in here… :pa: … can anyone spare any help?!

please i need it a.s.a.p.

One possibility, if you are using ‘Test scene’ to preview, then all buttons linked outside of that scene auromatically take you to the beggining of the present scene, use test movie - also sometimes with things like this as silly as it sounds, ensure your script is correct, save, exit and restart Flash and you may find it works… nothings perfect! Let me know how you get on.

Use frame labels to target your scenes:[AS]on (release) {
}[/AS]Don’t depend on Flash when you’re dealing with scenes. So place a Frame Label on the first frame of every scene (not the same one of course), and that should work.

yes i’m kinda using the ‘test scene’ to preview my movie… so if i’ll try to run the movie as it is, as a whole, it might work?!

ahhhhh… oki… i’m kinda a newbie on scripting, i’ve just jumped from photoshop to Flash… :pleased:


ahhhhh… oki… i’m kinda a newbie on scripting, i’ve just jumped from photoshop to Flash… :pleased:

ohh and one more thing, will the ‘next scene’ problem be affected if my movie is 10-15 mb?! i mean will it still jump to the scene that i want?!

The size should not affect it at all, as long as your script is correct. :wink:

thanks man, you’re saving my neck…

i’m kinda new in here so i’m kinda lookin for some friends…

Everyone here is considered a friend. :beer:

But, I’m gonna take off now, it’s 2:00 in the morning here and I’m getting pretty sleepy. Glad I was able to help, see you around.

u must use differet button in diff scen not comman button to all scen…then it will work.suppose u used ‘btn1’ to scen1,2,3, it’ll goes to at the start of first scen.

in scen one>on layer > use btn1 - "here is your btn action"
in scen Two>on layer > use btn2 - “here is your btn action”

otherwise u may use directly script…as told by wizard and seihart…

oki thanks… with all your advices i’m pretty much sure that it’ll work… i’m glad a i’m a me,ber of this community…


thanks to everyone that post… because of your suggestions i was able to solve the problem… thank you…

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: