gotoAndPlay Problem plz help!

I am animating a movie clip and I am having a specific problem with actionscript. I am animating a monkey. The path to what I want to animate is through “monkey” -> “lr”. So I write; in order to play an animation. This animates the right leg, hence lr, leg right. Now when I try to animate the right leg a different motion on different frames, I go through the same path with the same line,;, but I can’t tell it to goto the frame, 11, where the new motion begins. I can’t use a gotoAndPlay(); because the animation is triggered by an if statement within a OnClipEvent(enterFrame), which would cause it to get stuck on one frame if I use a gotoAndPlay();, does anybody know what I can do? I tried playing around with variables and stuff for hours! But I can’t figure out how to get this to work, can anybody help?