Gotta use that $23k education

Happy Halloween! :asian:


and you sure put it too good use :slight_smile:

Looks great man! Beats the hell out of my Bat…:frowning:


yeah, it’s a lot of fun, but I only get to carve pumpkins once a year!




Bob Marley :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey rev, did you have a template for that? that’s dominant!


For my Art class in High School last year we had to do a project (counted towards grade) on carving pumpkins.

There some incredibly amazing ones.

This one girl drew like this whole victorian-like picture in pencil and carved it out with a small carving knife. It was incredible.

Mine was a universe with planets and stars and ufos and such :P, it was really stupid, but my creativity was lacking when I planned it.

Although I went off subject there, I must say that your pumpkin in friggin awesome!!!

In the best rasta voice that a white guy can possibly do:
Aye, mon, I and I say that that 'um one right dare cannot be da Bob Marley likeness, as I and I am can’t see me no spliff…

…Theres a natural mystic flowing through the air, wait, no, my bad, it’s just smoke.


Thanks Ya’ll…

::blushes, runs back into the kitchen::

Brad: Yes, I found the pattern on the web… Funny, it took me longer to find the right pattern than it did to complete… =)

Majeye: The bartender @ my fav pub (where it is on display) said he was going to roll a psuedo-spliff for the Halloween Bash tonight… :cowboy:

Next year, maybe Spiderman… :cyclops: