Grab & go

I saw a great feature in an all -flash site and was wondering if this “Grab&Go” feature is possible in Flash 4. In the portfolio section, you can clik and drag the content. You can even grab and throw it near the end of the content and it will bounce back alittle bit. It’s great. Is this a Flash5 feature? If so, I may need to go and get it.

You can see it at

Hello garrapito,
No, it is not a Flash feature at all. The effect on the site you mentioned was done in Macromedia Director, the advanced programming platform for animations.

You can create something similar in Flash also, but it just won’t bounce back when you near the edge. The URL for that is:

What you do, is instead of using the small circle like I did, you would instead use a movie clip with all the information in it instead. Also, you may wish to set Vertical restraints on the object…so the user won’t drag the object vertically. You only want the object to scroll horizontally for that effect.

I hope that helped. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]