Grab video from a NetStream

This is more a job for a detective, but I’m sure it can be fun for everyone.
I couldn’t find a special place on the forums where this question can better belong to, so this is not really-really a AS3 related question…

there is this website with a TV-series in France:

I need to know if you can figure out the path of the video file? Tried everything by decompiling the SWF, reading the HTTP Requests headers, the Net statuses in Firebug, everything… I can see some paths like: production/regienum/m6_scenes-de-menages_93154_211220102005.mp4 but never the entire path.

Actually I’m very interested lately in video streaming and this seems a good way to protect your videos.

So, if this site is not banned outside France, did someone managed to get the actual MP4?