Graphic/ Artwork - What do you guys think?

Hey, I just wanna post a few of my latest works:

Lately i’ve been trying out new ideas and approaches that i havent used before, as I don’t want to be a copy-cat designer. (well maybe the beach one is a bit cheesy, but i really liked the image,) :slight_smile:


heck I love all three :love: how did u make them??

The last one is supercool! I assume u used ilustrator?

The last is one is great work man :thumb:.

But anways - all 3 look great :beer:.

Are these just traced images? I love the effect. If they aren’t, that is some skills man. Even if they are, you’ve got skills. :smiley:

Stu - I love that footer :P.

i really like the last one. looks very good.

:smiley: Thanks Reefster.

Also, new comment/question: Did you just make that airline booklet thing for fun? :lol: That rules.

Yea the little book in my footer? I was trying to make it like some sort of journal but I said ah who cares. And thanks :).

I like the colors and simplicity of the first one, but all three are great work

wow, you’re amazing, I really love 2 and 3

The first one was just a bit of fun, they were based on images from the booklet you get on the airplane - I pinched it :ne:. The elements like the lugguage and two people were based on images i’d found on google. I played around with the colour and thought that yellow and dark grey/balck complimented each other well.

The beach one was traced in illustrator, I’d planed to do a similar treatment to the Strict Machine image, but I thought the image worked well with-out any extra bits.

The ‘strict machine’ image was based on an image i traced in illustrator from a picture in a magazine i’d scanned. I then put the image in Photosop, and experimented with ‘messy’ brushes. I’m much more experienced/ confident with the Illustrator than I am with photoshop.

(all images are traced from real images, its hard to make up images, as it neveer quite seems right) I also make images like these from my digital camera aswel.

They all look good. Not much to say about them but here is what I think :slight_smile:

Image1 - Looks good only comment, is maybe make the outside stroke on the plane 2-4 pts thicker, as well as the vertical lines behind it, I think it would really make it pop. I could see this as a real ad somewhere.

Image2 - Good image, only thing is it looks like the guys hand is melting. I also swore I saw this image on IllustratorWorld b4

Image3 - The eye ball shouldn’t be the pointy oval eye looking shape should just be a circle. The grey part under her arm… what is that? Shouldn’t it be body color if it’s a tank top? Kind of confusing. This graphic is sweet though, the best one out of them all.

Thanks for your comments,

Image one - good point i’ll try that tonight

Image two - the hands joining together was quite complicated, by the time i’d got to it I was fed up with it. The image was from my sisters magazine, which i’d scanned in, the low resolution of the original scan casued the confusion I had with the conjoined hands. As with any similarities to other peoples work, It must be coincidental. Im often inspired by other peoples work, but I don’t like to copy them. I’d often take a colour scheme I like and try out on a completely different image.

Image 3 - The effect on the eye is due to the duplicated layer which i put underneath. The straps on her arm are part of her dress. The little circular motif - i think this dosent fit in as its too contemporary, so dosent work with the text and style. - What do you think?

Oh and please be as critical as you want because thats why i came here, I’m tired of showing my work to non-design/art freinds, who dont give me any feedback. I really want to push myself and i cant do that without any critical anaylsis.

Heres the original beach image>>


For image 2 I wasn’t saying you copied it by any means, just thought it looked similar, and I actual found the image I was talkin about and if IllWorld wasn’t bein janky I would give you the link to it, but it was a naked couple walking away hand and hand. And his hand looks like it’s melting in the picture too… wtf :slight_smile:

Image3, yea try making it her skin tone and see what you get, it just kinda looks awkward.

Also, I’m critical :slight_smile: you should see all my other CnC, I’m pretty mean when there’s a need. But you did a real good job.

I love the last one!

The second one - kind of cool how you made her dress sort of see-trough. Her hair is great to. The shorts on the guy could be better though.

The airport-one was also great! But is the white lady supposed to only have one leg? On the signs I have seen the woman also has two legs, but it could just be my crappy memory:)

Again - love the last one:) Awesome!

Maybe it does, im not sure. I guess wanted to tryout different a different style, ive done too many images like the beach one, where its just very simple. The earlier compositions did have natural skin tones, but i wanted a darker feel to the image. But thanks for the comments tho.

Thanks for the comments slumgutt, I’m pretty sure women only have one leg…

Um I think it varies depending on the country and location. Some have 2 legs some have one. The one i based mine on had one leg. Although it is a bit odd…

excellent - quality work !