Graphic Designer Wanted for Website Logo

As stated in the title we’re looking for a graphic design to create a logo for a website we will be launching soon.

Our company name is BlingHunter. We market virtual game currency, and as such we want the logo to reflect what we do.

The current logo can be found here.

Our requirements for the logo are:[LIST]
[]Fairly simple - we want our users to take one look at the logo and understand what we’re about. Of course, this is open to interpretation.
]Small File size - the final product should be an image under 10kb, something like the dimensions of the Google logo (give or take whatever you deem necessary). The reason for this is we need our pages to load fast.
[*]A high resolution copy - we want the original file in case we have to edit it later.[/LIST]Our budget for this project is somewhere in the vicinity of US$50. Payment methods are PayPal or bank to bank transfer if in Australia.

Please send preliminary ideas to [email protected] or send a PM.