!Graphic Designers and Coders Needed!

An upcoming webdesign and hosting site, www.handicapt.com, is in need of graphic designers and coders.

Whatever you design and/or code, you will get 100% of the payment…Depending on how complex each job is.

All I will do is direct our clients to you, and control the hosting division of the site.

If you are a well-talented coder/designer and a reliable one at that, you will also receive 30% of all hosting sales.

If you’re interested in a job position, please contact me via AIM or MSN with a few examples of your work.

AIM- motocrossjoe88
MSN- [email protected]

Edit – All employees will receive small hosting if requested.

Thanks to all who applied very much. We now have some of the best designers and coders around. We are no longer accepting any applications.

looking forward to your design studio =)

Hehe, your site is tight ;)… it will be awesome to see some of the best talent here in one “studio”