Graphics question, can you help?

Ive kinda asked this before but wasnt specific enough, so bear with me…:blush:

I am in need of some pointers (as a part time and self taught user of flash i do not know where to go for the info i require, or im to thick to work it out … )

I wanna know basically how i can learn to make graphics lke (lets go for the big one huh?)

I realise this would take one person many millenia to do on their own and i could never hope to quickly learn the skills required to make a site like this , but its mainly the bitmap/jpeg/gifs ?? whatever they are main graphics.
These type of graphics are becoming the main stay of the web and as i hope to one day get paid for this i would like to know the best book/course etc to do to aquire the knowledge to make clean menu style buttons of this quality (not the chunky bevel type stuff)
Im assuming they use Photoshop or Fireworks or some similar package if so is there a book which covers this for either package??

Any help here Much appreciated :slight_smile: