Grassy Field Tut Question


I took Kirupa’s tutorial on how to make a grassy field (which can be found HERE and it worked out. But now I have a different problem:

I need to get all those grassy blades out of my movie at a sudden point. They just need to go, but I can’t figure out how to. I tried multiple things:

  • Masking the layer doesn’t work
  • Creating a new layer on top of them all, and putting a black square on that one, which covers everything, doesn’t work either
  • Changing the alpha of the first blade…nope.

So maybe it’s a code thing? Does anyone of you guys have an idea?

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas :?)

You created them using

for (i=0; i<300; i++) {

, so it would make sense to remove them like this:

for (i=0; i<300; i++) {


Okay, thanks a lot bud!
Yeah, it makes sense to someone who knows a bit of AS…but I really don’t know squat about AS… me bumd, dai mean dumb :trout:

Thanks :ne: