Gravity ball

Hello,\rHow can I move (on click) the ball up?\rI’d like to click in ball and move it up, the gravity move it down as well…\rPawel

Make a button shaped like a ball.\r\rThen place that button into a empty movie clip, and in the buttons action script type this\r\ron (press) {\r grab = true;\r startDrag ("");\r}\ron (release) {\r grab = false;\r stopDrag ();\r}\r\rPlace the movie (with the button in it) onto the stage, and type this into it’s script\r\ronClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r if (grab == false && _y < 250) {\r _y += 10;\r }\r}\r\rThen you can move the ball up, and when you drop it, it’ll fall back down. Just change _y < 250 to the distance that suits you.