Great Free App

I was looking for a way to minimize iTunes to the system tray, and I found this great app:

It will minimize any program to the tray, all you need to do is right click on the minimize icon (same one you’d use to minimize it). Or, you right click on the task bar and select minimize to tray. It’s very useful :slight_smile:

nice but it also creates two ugly icons next to the other buttons on your window

ah nevermind figured out a way to take them off, that’s cool thanks

Yep, you can take those off, as well as get rid of the ugly icon of this program in the tray. It also allows you to hide windows, and hide the tray and clock unless you roll over the very right of the taskbar. It has tons of cool features :slight_smile:

yeah, nice find

edit: :(, it doesn’t work with musicmatch

The rigthtclicking of the minimize thing doesn’t seem to work when the programs have skins over them, like iTunes, but if you right click on the task bar and select minimize to tray it works fine :slight_smile:

I can’t get that to show up, I tried looking in options but didn’t see it, I probably am just blind and it’s right in front of me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s enabled by default I think.

oh thank you, didn’t see that

Yep, no problem.

cool thx… there was this thing powermenu but this is much better…

warning: don’t add the program itself into the favourites :stuck_out_tongue: … or if you want to see what happens go ahead

edit: wait a minute… how come the favourites gets erased eevery time I exit the program?

I think that’s because they want you to buy the full version it says “Trial version some settings are not saved” or something to that effect.