Grid game

How do, everyone!

Okay, so a grid it is. Object is to clear the screen of all blocks. You can save your time once that is accomplished. Also once the pop-up to save, you can view the top ten times. You aren’t obliged to save your time if you choose to right away as you have to enter your initials…

Who will get the top time?

grid game ver_3.1

If you find any bugs, I’d be happy to know about them.


Red Penguin runs away in a flash…

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 44.872 sec’s! :slight_smile:

*tip to others: do NOT move the mouse like a crazed lunatic, easy does it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I wouldn’t call it a “grid” exactly… but hella fun! (-:

Thanks, comrade. The code itself is in fact a grid however the random movement detracts from it…

I rather just enjoy watching the **** thing ‘morph’…

35.455 seconds!! yeeeee haaaaaaa!!!

66 seconds and I wasn’t halfway through :*( But those darn squares kept reappearing everywhere!!

That’s <i>evil</i> Mr Penguin…

Seeing as you are located in Purgatory, that was made especially for you then…

Way to go Jubba!



I notice a bug…

I will have to rewrite the php script to sort those times…

Ohh! Does the fun ever end?

If you don’t beleive me look at my scores…

0.425 seconds CIR
0.671 seconds CIR

Unfortunately this is a bug I think is not fixable, but I’m not an expert so don’t count on me being absolutely correct.

That is a very frustrating game!

Thanks for the info. Out of curiousity, what were your actual times?

I hopefully will find the time to fix that tonight.

Okie…So I figgered out the basic sort. I also added some simple scrollers to see all the scores as opposed to the top ten…[Where are you in the list?]…as well as the option to see the scores at the start.

Better functionality…

Thanks for playing! 50 entries thus far! Cool!

nice red… that’s a lot of fun

It’s still fiendish.

I can see myself coming back to this every now and again throughout the day, just to try and get a better score…

red, you bastard you…
now you need to change those squares to penguins so we can remember who to curse as we are frantically trying to clear the screen.

heh, i found that by going in a large circular motion in the beginning, you get alot of them down. too bad that doesnt work for me for the rest of the way! :slight_smile: