Gromp: Through The Eyes Of The World

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen here is your chance to tell the world what you think the word Gromp means… the funnier the better but what do you think it means

(if it actually has a definition then that shouldnt be used)

the best suggestions will be placed on my site which funnily enough will be called

Start at will…

sounds like s pist off grandpa, grandpa ready to romp your azz rotflmao

Gromp - derived from grompio, italian, the action of gromping; when one releases excess amounts of contaminents into the atmosphere, escaping from the buttocks and or but not excluding or restricted to the mouth.

I have a question about your site.
What does builing mean?

stomping with passion–Gromp
but i made up my own werd!

Gription–its like traction only better, its gription–use it an love it so it will be in the dictionary!

gromp- to grope a monkey

hehe gromp a monkey… its going to be on my FAQ page… with what some people believe it means… haha

I don’t think I could possibly post the first thought that came into my head for what this word could mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

your mind needs cleaning kit… its cos its got romp in isnt it?

More than likely. :slight_smile:

My mind has sadly taken up permanent residence in the proverbial gutter… :sure:

thats a shame kit…

you need to drag yourself out of it and then think of a postable reply to this thread :slight_smile:

That could take a while, you realise?

haha… well we’ll have to live with the dirty, dirty you then…

i won’t say the first thing that came into my mind either.

*Originally posted by pinx *
**i won’t say the first thing that came into my mind either. **

First time for everything :slight_smile:

Just playin’