Kool site… … Great transitions

brings back good memories :wink: Its nice transitions but what brings out the best of group94 is there work. They didnt overdo their site but they spent more time on their client’s work which is great to see.

These guys are always on the cutting edge of Flash design. Man… there work has always been amazing!!!

I also love their system for their clients to update the sites, it’s totally automated, and everything, they can totally change like everything from colors to navigation if I’m correct, but yeah, group94 is better than 2a imo

I really like the listbox line in/ line out feature. Very nice. Would like to see some scripting for that.

Nice one


they are pretty tech, and their site is pretty nice…but i wouldn’t go as far as saying they are better than 2A :angel:

I would, honestly, it may just be that I don’t watch 2a that much, but I don’t think they’re as amazing as some people think imo